. Qwikfloor | QwikFloor Installation



  1. Start at the entrance by your garage door.
  2. Snap the FEMALE ramp edges into the MALE side of the tiles first. Then snap in 1 row at a time until you reach the back of the garage.
  3. Cut the tiles to fit along the walls.

NOTE: Keep all tiles and ramp edges inside of the garage door.

Frequently asked questions/answers:

  1. Can I park and drive heavy trucks on them?
    Yes. These are rigid, industrial-grade tiles.
  2. Can I take one tile out of the middle?
    Yes. But it is very unlikely that you will ever break a tile.
  3. Will water get stuck under the tiles?
    NO. Water can flow under the tile and air can circulate to dry the concrete.
  4. How long does it take to install my tiles?
    That depends on the installer. Most people can install in a 2 car garage in about 2 hours.
  5. What kind of saw do I use to cut the tiles?
    Table saw or chop saw works best but you can use any power saw in your arsenal.
  6. What if I get oil and auto fluids on the tiles?
    No problem. Just mop them or spray them off. They have a semi gloss finish and they are easy to clean.